By choosing to graph by industry, you will see the Industry Regulation Index, which tells you how regulated an industry is at a given point in time compared to how regulated it was in 1997. The Industry Regulation Index is constructed so that it equals 1 in 1997, and in subsequent years, a number greater than 1 would indicate that regulation has grown, and a number smaller than 1 would indicate that regulation has shrunk. An Industry Regulation Index reading of 1.1 in 2000 for Industry X means that regulation targeting Industry X has grown by 10% between 1997 and 2000.

Once you’ve selected one or more industries and produced a graph, you can click the “Show Mean Industry Growth for All Industries” box at the top of the list of industries to add the mean Industry Regulation Index, calculated as the average across all 2-digit or 3-digit industries, depending on which dataset you’ve chosen.